Group Disability Insurance California

Dana J. Turner Insurance Services Inc. affordable group disability insurance plans help replace income when employees can’t work due to a disability, so they can focus on what’s most important – getting better. Our disability plans go beyond just providing a benefit check – we provide a product and a service to help employees get back to a productive life and back to work. The need for disability insurance is commonly underestimated by both individuals and employers. Many are quick to protect their homes, cars, and health with insurance policies but neglect to look at disability insurance as a further option.

Dana J. Turner Insurance Services Inc. can help provide a disability options to fit your needs

  • Our employer-paid disability insurance products offer flexible, broad coverage for long-term and short-term disabilities
  • We also offer voluntary employee-paid coverage, including Employee Choice where you can offer employees two options – one at a lower cost

The benefit amount under group long term disability plans is a percentage of your salary at the time of disability, with a maximum cap. A typical plan reads: a benefit in an amount equal to “60% of your Basic Monthly Earnings to a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000.”

Individual disability policies have a benefit that is a flat dollar amount, such as $2,000 per month, rather than a percentage of salary at time of disability. When your business arranges for group disability coverage, the policy is issued to the business as the master policyholder. The individuals within the group who apply for disability insurance are issued certificates of coverage rather than individual policies. These certificates are proof that coverage exists, and they contain information about the amount and type of coverage provided. At Dana J. Turner Insurance Services Inc. our office and our affiliates are trained on tailoring plans around the needs of the group. Our staff, along with our affiliates, typically examines a multitude of variables, aspects that enable us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your needs. We then make recommendations for group plans that offer a great value to the group as a whole. Dana J. Turner Insurance Services Inc.’s goal is to provide you with a group disability package that is both affordable to your organization and offers the greatest impact to its members.

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