Group Medical Insurance for California

What is Group Medical Insurance?

  • Medical insurance purchased through a group that exists for some purpose other than buying insurance, such as a workplace, labor union, or professional association.
  • Medical coverage offered through a group, usually an employer or organization, to a group of people. Group plans spread the cost among the members of the group, enabling such plans to typically cost less per person and offer broader coverage than individual health insurance plans.
  • Medical insurance written on a number of people under a single master policy, issued to their employer or to an association with which they are affiliated.

Group medical coverage is based on a collection of people, whether assembled by an organization or a business. Organizations in California are under tremendous pressure to control health care costs, communicate their plan features and ensure legislative and regulatory compliance—all while offering competitive life and health insurance benefits to engage and retain their employees. Often, already slim HR staff, burdened by administrative activities, cannot focus on strategic planning. As your business expands, Dana J. Turner Insurance Services Inc. can provide a group medical insurance policy contract anywhere in the State.

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